Testimonial – Jane Ambrose

Academy Testimonial – Jane Ambrose

5bc8b964-b0b6-11e1-b768-bc305bd9eec9Jane joined Shanklin & Sandown as an Academy Member in July 2010. She completed her lessons with Club Pro, Peter Hammond, played her allocated rounds of golf, and in January 2011 joined as a Full Member. She completed her 3 cards for handicap in February and played in her first mixed competition, with husband Steve, and scored 31 points. Jane said:

”Right from the start I was made to feel welcome and very much part of Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club. I have to say how impressed I was with Peter Hammond and his team on their coaching skills; I became a more confident person after each lesson.”

“Joining the Academy eased me into golf gently which is how I like to do things. I’m not a very confident person and do tend to find joining new things hard. For anyone wishing to have something new in life, I would totally recommend joining Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club. Take it from me, it’s the best thing you could ever do. I find everyone at the golf club friendly and welcoming, and they really enjoy seeing newcomers.”

“Now that I have become a full member and received my handicap, which I am tickled pink about, there is no stopping me. My weekends are now taken up with lovely new people and a new sport, and the ladies at this club are great fun and more than happy to take you under their wing to show you the sport that they all enjoy and love. I would like to pay a massive compliment to all the staff at the Club for making me so welcome.”

Academy Testimonial – Viv Williams

5bc8b964-b0b6-11e1-b768-bc305bd9eec9“The Academy Membership offeres a very good comprehensive package at a reasonable cost.”

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