Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club
Shanklin & Sandown GC

Dress Code

All members and visitors are requested to comply at all times with the Club’s dress code both on the course and in the Clubhouse.

Dress Code

Applicable to all members, visitors and guests (both playing and non-playing) whilst at Shanklin and Sandown Golf Club.


Shanklin and Sandown Golf Club seeks to provide a friendly, relaxed and sociable environment in which golf can be played and enjoyed.  Members and visitors are expected to wear smart golf attire or smart casual clothes.  We do not think it is realistic to specify exactly what this means but ask that members and visitors abide by the spirit of this code.


On the Course

*  Recognised and conventional golf attire and footwear only must be worn. Golf attire means clothes that are generally available for purchase in professional shops or similar.

*  Tailored Golf Shirts are to be worn tucked in whenever possible, unless designed to be worn otherwise.

*  Shorts must be tailored and of reasonable length and worn with appropriate short or long styled golf socks.


In the Clubhouse

*  Smart casual dress is required.

*  Recognised and conventional golf clothing may be worn providing it is dry and clean, as well as:

*  Clean Smart Denim Trousers

*  Shorts

*  Clean spike less Golf Shoes (April to October)

*  Deck Shoes or Open Toed Sandals without socks

*  No hats, caps or beach flipflops to be worn inside the Clubhouse




Members and visitors are reminded that both on the course and in the Clubhouse, in all cases, football, rugby or hockey type shirts, singlets, cargo trousers and cargo shorts are inappropriate and should not be worn.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may be carried on the course but should only be used in an emergency. They may not be used inside the Club House as a phone but may be used outside.

The Captains Committee and staff will politely remind both Members and Guests who do not adhere to the above code and it is hoped that the membership will assist in self-management of this code.